Makela Tango

Your attention to details and tips are greatly helpful for every passionate Tango lover. I will never forget the experience to learn from you from the beginning.
-Lina Zhao. Shangai  More Testimonials


"I studied tango with Makela for several months, both privately and in her group classes. She is an excellent tanguera and really wonderful teacher! Makela is able to break down the art of tango into a craft that can be understood and appreciated by both beginning dancers and professionals. Her classes and practicas are friendly environments that blend community building with dance education and a forum for expression. She teaches with precision and humor. It is through my study with Makela that I actually began to understand the mechanics and the musicality of Argentine Tango that helped me find a dance technique that could feel comfortable to me. Her training gave me clarity and confidence in my own dancing.  

Additionally, Makela is a phenomenal dancer and performer. I have seen her dance in various contexts that include: contemporary tango fusion performance in the theatrical setting, as a guest artist at Milongas throughout Los Angeles, and even as a special guest performing at my own dance company's benefit performance. Makela expresses technical excellence, heartfelt exuberance, musicality, and humanity in her dancing.

She is a great community leader, excellent teacher, and inspiring performer."
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Maria Gillespie,
Modern Dancer, Choreographer at Oni Dance 

"I want to let you know that I appreciate so very much the opportunity to take your Wednesday Semi Private classes. I am thrilled with your intense focus on musicality phrasing and movement patterns to the wonderful music of Pugliese. You are a marvelous teacher, with your technical and musical insights, and great ability to inspire and challenge us (I wish I was more advanced, but know I am still a beginner following this long tango path) - you freely share your knowledge and passion for tango (plus your humor, patience and determination!), and you are a role model as an excellent dancer. THANK YOU (from my heart)!!"
Marsha Gleeson, Los Angeles CA 

"Makela has an eye for detail and a passion for technique. She uses both to instruct students in a way that quickly elevates their skills while still maintaining a fun learning environment. Even in a group setting, she offers tips and shares observations with individual students. She makes herself available to answer questions after class and provides a safe experience in her practicums for students to practice sequences learned in class. She is mastery and artistry combined and it is a pleasure to learn from her."
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good ValueTambre Leighn, Los Angeles CA 

"Taking a class with Makela is the experience of being in the presence of a master. She magically sees and feels the ways I can improve and communicates what's next for me in a way I can actually do it. Her passion and discipline are contagious and have spread into every area of my life. I'd say we don't know what's possible for us in Tango until we study with Makela."Pete Farmer, M.D. 

"I've taken group and private lessons, and also workshops with Makela- I definitely recommend her, especially for people just getting started or coming back after a long hiatus. Makela knows tango on a very deep level, is very dedicated and to her students, and effective at targeting her teaching to students at many different levels. Her classes and practica also have a great community of dancers - when I drop by Monday nights I see so many people I am happy to catch up with."
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, ExpertBrian Donahue,
Los Angeles, CA 

You are such an outstanding teacher!
You are not only teaching Tango but also you nurse the heart and soul of the dance. Your attention to details and tips are greatly helpful for every passionate Tango lover. I will never forget the experience to learn from you from the beginning. Lina Zhao.

There are no words in the dictionary to express my gratitude. I love your class and your milonga. When we first met I did not know what to expect but today I can sincerely say I love you and respect your talent. You are a fabulous teacher.Thank you againJeanine Bolick, Orange County 

I have been having a great time taking classes with Makela for over 2 years, She is always enthusiastic and attracts lots of fun people to her classes. Highly recommended- and it certainly helps learning tango from a true tanguera from Buenos Aires!‎

Jeff White, Los Angeles del Tango Ensemble.

I had my first lesson at Makela's practica last night and it completely re-invigorated my passion for Argentine Tango. I've found that many of the Tango venue's in LA can make Tango intimidating and inaccessible - but with Makela you really feel welcome and encouraged. I was lucky enough to dance with her and the experience was absolutely thrilling - the dance equivalent of driving a Ferrari. If you like Tango and Makela is involved - it's a good bet! I'm back :)

Adrian Roup, Film Director,
Los Angeles, CA 

I've had the pleasure of learning Tango from Makela for several months now and felt compelled to write up a review. I had taken classes with a couple other teachers in Los Angeles and Makela's attention to detail and passion for TEACHING is what makes her special. It's one thing to be a great Tango dancer, but Makela truly desires to impart her love of ArgentineTango to her students. I'd recommend her to anyone and suggest stopping by one of her Practicas classes in Venice, Santa Monica, or West Los Angeles to get a feel for Tango.‎
Zack Coffman,
Film Director, Los Angeles, CA 

I am taking tango lessons for 2 years.  I've been a student with long list of tango teachers in Los Angeles, but Makela's teaching style and her elegant dancing style are the main reasons to come back to her classes over and over again.  Over the last several months, I am taking classes exclusively with her.   She has several classes available to accommodate different dancing levels of her students.  Makela is very patient and takes her time to make sure that her students perfect each tango element.  I highly recommend her as a teacher of authentic Argentine tango.Svetlana K, Engineer,
Los Angeles, CA

Makela teaches with stern encouraging love. Her patience holds not bounds. I took a 6 week semi-private class with her and in June/July and I just have to shout how great she is.  She is an angel to work with. She's always very prepared and has an excellent selection of music. Her awareness of the level of skill of the class is awesome. I always felt I was learning the exact right next move for my level of experience.  Thank you, Makela. You are an amazing teacher and a beautiful soul.Mike Buffo,
Monterrey, CA 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert. Makela is a talented, inspiring teacher and dancer. I highly recommend her.” Ann Nicholas, Los Angeles

“Makela is an amazing tango teacher. She focuses on authentic moves from Buenos Aires, including close embrace and the importance of responding to your partner. She offers valuable tips on technique, posture, and style of movement to both leaders and followers. I have seen her work with all levels of dancers and she can adapt lessons according to the individual needs of each student. In managing her tango business, Makela approaches things in an organized way and is always thinking of ways to make better programs and options for her students. Last September I traveled with Makela on her Connection Sur trip to Buenos Aires with several other tango students. The trip was well organized including daily classes, different milongas every night and a few days of tourist activities. It was a trip I will always remember, and I came home even more excited to keep improving my tango!”Betsy Kaufman 

“I first met Makela in 2005 when she was teaching a women's technique class in Santa Monica. She has been my go-to person for Argentine tango instruction ever since. Makela's rigorous dance background (including classical ballet) really comes through in her teaching and dancing. As a former student of classical ballet myself, I really appreciate Makela's focus on technique and artistry. Makela travels to Buenos Aires (her hometown) several times a year. When she comes back, she's always up-to-date on the latest trends in tango dancing and tango music. I always feel I'm learning what's on the "cutting edge" with Makela because of this. Makela's equally versed in the leader and follower roles of dancing, so she is able to articulate instruction and comments for men and women alike. She really knows her stuff and is one of the best tango instructor's out there. I give her my very highest recommendation!”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Allison Marks,
Los Angeles 

“Makela is a great tango instructor and has a very deep knowledge of her profession. She is a beautiful person and fun to learn from. If tango is the "dance of love" then Makela is the ideal teacher of "love". She fits all the "attributes" listed above and not just three. I highly recommend Makela for what ever she intends to”
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Tommy Chong,
Comedian at
Cheech and Chong. Los Angeles, CA

"Makela has been my Tango instructor of choice ever since I discovered her classes."

"Having lost my original instructor several years ago (he moved back to Argentina,) I needed someone whose methodology & elegance reflected the authenticity I experienced in Buenos Aires."

"She is literally the best in Los Angeles. I highly recommend her starter package for beginners."Marco C, Los Angeles 

I have been taking regular tango lessons from Makela for 18 months now, and she is one of my all-time favorite dance teachers.  As an 11 year swing-dancer, it was difficult for me to switch to a new dance, but Makela was extremely patient with me and took the extra time I needed to learn.  Now, I have people who have been dancing Tango for many years coming up to me and asking me how to do a particular move!  I would highly recommend Makela to anyone who wants to learn Argentine Tango. David S. Los Angeles, CA 

I truly LOVE the Tuesday nite classes. They are well paced and  you give us individual attention during the group lesson. I feel stronger and more self confident at the end of every class. I feel that my posture and balance have improved in the few weeks I have been coming. I am so glad to be dancing again and your classes are preparing me to make my re-entry to milongas. Muchisimas gracias.Susan C, Los Angeles 

"...Jason and I have enjoyed taking your class and are appreciative of your gifts as an instructor.  I've taken dance with many different teachers over the years, and you are excellent at what you do because of your attention to detail; that prevents us from picking up bad habits as we learn the steps.  Jason and I have improved greatly over the 8 weeks we've been taking your class, so thank you!  I look forward to our tango class every week..." -Jennifer, Holistic Psychologist, Los Angeles  

"I'd say we don't know what's possible for us in Tango until we study with Makela"
Pete Farmer MD 

"I more than enjoyed the Real Women in Heels class. It took me back to my old days sweating it out in ballet class 5 times a week. If I'm going to spend the time learning something new I want to really understand the technique behind it. The beauty is in the details, and it's obvious this is the approach you bring to your teaching. I wasn't expecting the class to be such a workout (although I enjoyed it and needed it too) so next class I'm coming in yoga pants so I can really get into it." Lisa Bloch
Executive Producer, Discovery Channel

"You teach in a way that feels intelligent, and I like how perceptive you are. "Marjorie Schuman, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist 

"Your Practica has it all: great music, good floor, friendly and committed dancers, a warm "vibe"... even free parking!  I really enjoy and look forward to Mondays..." Michael C.