Makela Tango

"Makela has an eye for detail and a passion for technique. She uses both to instruct students in a way that quickly elevates their skills while still maintaining a fun learning environment". -Tambre L. Los Angeles. More Testimonials


For tango group lessons, please go here: Buy me!

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This special "starter package" is designed for first time MakelaTango students.
It includes ten (10) group classes at any one of our locations and one (1) private lesson with Makela.
Price: $240 per package (only one per person - buy at Makela's classes)

Group Classes Group classes are perfect for students who want to learn Tango and may or may not have a dance partner.
Students of all levels are welcome.
Price: $25 per class (cash only)

Ten (10) class packages are available.
Price: $160 per package

Twenty ( 20) "use anytime" class packages are also available.
Price: $300 per package

Semi-Private Lessons
An intensive six (6) week program, taught by Makela and designed for the dance student who wants to learn in a more private environment. Semi-private lessons are recommended for beginners who want to learn fast or for the more advance student who wants to focus more on his/her technique.
Price: $200 per program

Private Lessons with Makela
If one-on-one instruction is what you are looking for, then these fifty (50) minute private sessions are designed to give you the 'maximum attention' you require. Private lessons with Makela can be attended either solo or with your dance partner. Price: $125 per 50 m session or $950 for 10.

Terms and Conditions:
* Packages/Private Lessons are not refundable.
* Please sign in before starting the class.
* Cash only for single group classes/practicas.
* For payments of $100 or more checks or credit cards are acceptable
* Private lessons have a 24 hour cancellation policy.